Friday, 18 July 2014

[Feature] Trailer Trash (18/07/14) - Supervixens

What is Trailer Trash? Every Friday, I will share with you -- our fine readers -- a seedy, sleazy, trashy trailer of my choosing. This feature will run in cohesion with our sleaze obsessed friends over at Neon Maniacs. So, enjoy a slice of depravity, you sicker than sick bastards (whom I love dearly).

Director: Russ Meyers

Good old Russ Meyers. One mention of his name and you just know you're in for some wonderfully of the wall trashy sleaze.

The story follows Clint Ramsey (Charles Pitts). A likeable yet hapless mechanic who just wants to live a simple life. However, the ladies just can't seem to get enough of Clint as they willfully throw themselves at him.  There's just one problem. That being Clint's marriage to 'Super Angel.'

Not at all pleased with the attention that Clint is receiving on the side, his fed-up wife kicks him to the curb. Later, she winds up with a local redneck villainous cop (Charles Napier). However, by unfortunate circumstances, she winds up dead. With the corrupt local law enforcement pointing the finger of blame at Clint, Clint bails out of town and embarks on an aimless odyssey across America. Along the way, he encounters many women, all of whom just so happen to be voluptuous, buxom and hyper-sexual young beauties.

Supervixens features an abundance of sex, violence and mayhem. Albeit a farcical abundance. The film is deliberately cartoonish in tone. Russ Meyer's edits at such a breakneck rapid pace that the film winds up mirroring the lunatic spirit of the Looney Tunes. Albeit, a very adult minded Looney Tunes.

Seeing that it is a road movie where the narrative is mostly made up of one sexual escapade after another. Most of its comic stylings derive from the juxtaposition which sees the women take on the role of lustful aggressor. Usually at the expense of Clint's dignity, as he mostly winds up being chased away by an endless parade of boyfriends and fathers along the way.

Eventually, Clint does find a connection with one buxom beauty in particular, the titular Supervixen herself -- played by Shari Eubank. But, unfortunately, their timely union is threatened by the return of Charles Napier's ruthless cop, who has been hunting Clint from town to town. Played with psychotic glee and a thick southern accent by the great Charles Napier.

What Russ Meyers has crafted is a farce aimed at overt masculine fantasy. From the gratuitously presented young beauties who were hired based on their cup size as opposed to any acting talent. Right down to the somewhat moderately produced over-the-top action sequences that wouldn't be out of place in any modern day Michael Bay film. Everything about this film is framed in the guise of an adventurous male fantasy.

Supervixens is pure Russ Meyers. It's an irreverent yet fantastical hedonistic romp. Therefore, it's more than worthy of the title "Trashy Classic."

-Daniel M



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