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[DVD/Blu] Out this Week (26/06/14)

Last year I was writing this feature over at Neon Maniacs on a semi-weekly basis, but I temporarily abandoned it due to numerous reasons. Let's just say my life was overtaken by my normal 7 to 5, five days a week job. I felt slack for abandoning it, but I didn't have much time to indulge in my hobby. So now I'm going to attempt to resurrect it. Just for the hell of it. So without further ado, let's just dive head first into this edition of "Out this Week"

Oh and a quick side note, these release dates pertain to Australia only.

In Cinemas

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Director: Michael Bay

Should You Care?: Maybe

Michael Bay dominates Cinema's this week with the fourth instalment of the lucrative Transformers series. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this series. I liked the first movie, and I hated its sequel. The third film left the taste of 'eh' in my mouth. But, with that said, I am looking forward to seeing Age of Extinction this weekend. Even if the plot turns out to be completely forgettable, at the very least I know I'm in for some stylish, mindless, and tremendous looking set pieces as is the normal tradition with Michael Bay. But I do have some faith in Michael Bay. As always, here's hoping for the best from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

Wolf Creek 2: The Directors Cut
Director: Greg McLean

Should You Care?: Yes

The Australian Tourism Committees' worst nightmare returns for another dose of bloodshed and mayhem. That's right, the Anti-Dundee himself, Mick Taylor, is back to take another stab at those "pesky foreign vermin scum" festering in the outback. I admired the hell out of Wolf Creek. It was essentially Australia's answer to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, playing on the fear of venturing into the unknown only to be hunted down by the whims of a madman. Subsequently, it also gave our country a Horror Icon of its very own.

The sequel is more of the same. A new set of victim's venture into the outback, only to find themselves hunted by a madman. Although, this time around, it's far more of a rollicking B-movie in the vein of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Check back in a couple of days for a full review of the extended Directors Cut.

Special Features:
- Directors Cut Exclusive to Blu-Ray
- Directors Commentary
- Deleted Scenes
- 'Making Of' Featurette

Nymphomaniac Volume 2
Director: Lars Von Trier

Should you Care?: Yes, if you like Lars Von Trier, that is to say.

I finally got around to watching the first half of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac this past week, and I liked what I saw. Von Trier's case study of a woman and her Hypersexuality turned out to be far more amusing than I had expected. Backed by terrific performances from Stellan Skasgard and Charlotte Gainsborg. However,  I reserve my right to a full judgement until I've seen Volume 2, which I plan to buy and watch this week. So check back later for full thoughts once I've seen Volume 2.

Special Features:
- N/A

True Detective: Season 1

Should you care?: Yes, Very Much, Yes

The much raved about HBO police procedural drama finally makes its way to Blu Ray this week. Both Matthew Mcconaughey (continuing his resurgence) and Woody Harrelson are beyond excellent as the two lead detectives who become entangled in a 17 year hunt for a Serial Killer in Louisiana. Combine two brilliant top-of-their-game performances with a moody neo-noir atmosphere and you have the most utterly compelling and enthralling TV dramas of the year, so far.

Special Features:
- Audio Commentaries
- 'Making of' featurette
- Up Close and Personal with Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harelson - Interview
- A Conversation with Nic Pizzolatto and T Bone Burnet
- Inside the Episodes - Short 'Making of' vlogs
- Deleted Scenes

-Daniel M



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