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[Feature] WWE Live - Sydney Australia (08/08/14)

This past Friday the WWE returned to Sydney Australia. Our very own Wrestling aficionado Dan was in attendance for the evening. The show featured an all-star card including the likes of Kane, Roman Reigns, Rob Van Dam, Cesaro, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Niki Bella and many more of the WWE Superstars.

This years marks my first WWE event since 2004. I've been something of a casual fan floating in and out of the WWE product over the past few years. Upon entering the building the obligatory "Woo" chants were blazing. Immediately reminding me of what it is like to be in a sea of Australian WWE fans.

As the lights went down, ring announcer Justin Roberts entered the ring and welcomed us to the show.

10 Man Battle Royale: Winner gets a IC Title match later tonight: R-Truth, Bo Dallas, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Fandango, Diego, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam

Solid reactions for everyone involved. Although the biggest crowd reactions belonged to Luke Harper (of the Wyatt family) and Rob Van Dam. The end of the match boiled down to Rob Van Dam and Luke Harper. RVD scored the win. The match was a solid opener helping to fire up the crowd.

Divas Match:
Emma and Niki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Layla

At the opening of the match, Justin Robers asked the audience whether they wanted this match to be a Tag Team Match or a Dance Competition? The crowd rightly booed the notion of a Dance Competition and with that we were under way. A pretty good match as all four girls gave it their all. Our own home-grown Australian girl Emma received quite the favourable response.

Niki Bella also received an overwhelming response of the crowd. Weirdly enough, a sizeable CM Punk chant rippled through the crowd at the beginning of the match. At one point in the match, Alicia Fox found herself sprawled over the guard rail, allowing for Niki Bella to hit the "spanking" spot. Niki scored the win for her team by hitting the Rack Attack.

U.S. Title match:
Sheamus vs. Cesaro

An easy contender for Match of the Night right here. Both Cesaro and Sheamus came out to a strong reaction from the crowd. Lot of near falls, lots of Cesaro teasing the crowd with his "Big Swing." Midway through the match, the crowd fired up with an "This is Awesome" chant. Cesaro then finally delivered the "Big Swing" to Sheamus. But in the end, it was Sheamus who held his head high picking up the win courtesy of the Brouge kick. Awesome match right here.

Tag Team Title Match:
The Wyatt Family vs. The USOs

Before the match, Justin Roberts introduced us to our Special Guest Ring Announcer, who turned out to be Rove McManus. Rove made a sly wise-crack at the expense of the WWE Network before introducing The Wyatt's. The Wyatt's hit the ring and cut Rove short as they stared him down in the middle of the ring. But here come The USOs, to a pretty strong reaction from the crowd as they did their "U--So" shtick. The match received duelling chants from the crowd as one side chanted "Uso" and the other chanted "Wyatt." A strong match from all four guys, lots of high spots from the USOs. The USOs went on to score a victory.  In the Post-Match segment, the USOs posed in the center of the ring with a couple of kids from the audience.

Intercontinental Championship:
The Miz vs. Rob Van Dam

The Miz came out to the ring and delivered a promo hyping himself up. Needless to say, but it ended up with the crowd firing back with the obligatory Australian chant "Miz is a Wanker." Rob Van Dam makes his entrance for the second time this evening to yet another sizeable pop. Before the match, The Miz makes a final plea to Rob Van Dam not to kick or punch his money-making face copping more heat from the crowd. The match is a fairly standard RVD match, meaning he hit all of his usual spots including the Split-Legged Moonsault and Rolling Thunder. But in the end, RVD came up short as The Miz rolled him up for the abrupt finish. Post match, Rob Van Dam received an ovation of sorts as the crowd started chanting "You've still got it."

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

The highlight of the night and it should be no surprise considering it featured the "Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla" himself, Chris Jericho. Bray Wyatt's entrance was absolutely spectacular. The arena lights dimmed and the crowd held their LED-lit phones high in unison. Once in the ring, Bray Wyatt grabbed a microphone and readied himself to cut a promo, but was cut short as Jericho came charging towards the ring. Jericho received the biggest pop of the night, even getting a couple of "Fozzy" chants in the process. As for the match? A slow yet physical match filled with a lot of near falls. Both men controlled the crowd with masterful ease, and the crowd ate it up with glee. Jericho ended up securing the 1-2-3 with the Codebreaker.

Street Fight: w/Ric Flair as Special Guest Referee
Roman Reigns vs. Kane

Ric Flair came out first to lots of "Woooooo" chants. Kane was out next to mixed reactions. Roman Reigns made his usual entrance through the crowd receiving a huge pop from the crowd. For a street fight, it was a pretty tame street fight. Lots of outside the ring spots involving the steel steps. Eventually, Kane pulled out a Singapore Cane from underneath the ring and laid into Reigns. Kane dominated a good portion of the match. After laying a beating on Reigns with a steel chair and Singapore cane, Kane bought a table in the ring and choke slammed Reigns through the wood, but only scored the 2-count. Reigns got his second wind and fired back up, laying into Kane.

Kane eventually regained control of the match but grew frustrated with Ric Flair's officiating. An argument ensued, and a frustrated Ric Flair laid into Kane. Allowing Roman Reigns to hit the spear and pickup the 1-2-3.

A solid Main-Event if not a little underwhelming. After the match, Reigns grabbed the Mic and thanked the fans in attendance.

Overall, a solid showing from WWE.




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